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About This Proposal

Website Installation Service Includes:

Database creation and files upload
Installation of a compatible CMS/eCommerce engine
Full template installation and activation
Sample (demo) data import

How to Get a Website Installed:

  1. Order Placing and Collection of Information (from 15 min)

    First of all, you need to choose the type of website installation service that we have to provide. Our professionals can install templates on different platforms, and the price varies according to the platform. After you select the most suitable option and make the payment, our support team will contact you via email to clarify order details. We’ll ask you to provide login credentials to access your hosting account. This process will take from 15 minutes, depending on your hosting account settings. If you do not have a compatible hosting, we will help you to register a new account with a desired domain name (15-30 minutes).

  2. Website Installation Process (3-6 hours on business days)

    When our team gets all the details, we’ll start the theme installation. This process includes: 

    • database creation and files upload
    • installation of a compatible CMS/eCommerce engine
    • template installation and activation
    • sample data import
    • testing everything to be sure your site looks good and works exactly like on the demo
  3. Reviewing & Finishing up (from 15 minutes)

    When installation is finished, you will get login details to your site's admin panel. Use those credentials when you’re ready to start working with your website.

To Fulfill Website Install, We Need:

  • cPanel access
  • FTP access
  • MySQL access

Website Installation Service in Details

If you don't want to spend your time installing your newly purchased template and importing its demo content. If you have not worked with CMS platforms and hosting servers before. If you don’t know what cPanel, MySQL, and FTP mean. Then order website installation service and get your template up and running within just 6 hours.

Website install service will allow you to launch your site much easier and faster. Within 3 to 6 hours after you provide us with your hosting account credentials, you will be able to login to the admin panel and begin working with your new site.

Within our website installation service, our professional team will install a template on your hosting server and activate it. Then, we'll import its sample content, and make sure everything looks and works like in the demo. After the theme installation is complete, we will provide you with the website’s admin panel credentials, so you can start adding content and make other customizations.

Please note:

  • The service is valid for one website.
  • The project can be started only after you provide complete and correct details to access your hosting server.
  • Your project manager will use English to communication on the service details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you install a template on my hosting?
Yes, a template can be installed on your existing hosting, you just need to provide us with the correct access details. In case you do not have a compatible hosting yet, we can provide you with a discount on a fully compatible one-year account.
Can I be sure that my hosting will be compatible with a template?
As all hosting providers are different (some use Linux, others provide Windows-based accounts), it is necessary to check if your hosting account matches the requirements of your template. Your provider's support department will be able to clarify the details.
What will my website look like after you finish the theme installation?
After we install the template and import its sample data, your website will look like the live demo. However, as some themes do not contain demo images, those are usually replaced with placeholders of the same size.
Is it possible to install a template faster (e.g., within one hour)?
Yes, it is. Our experts can provide you with an urgent theme installation service. Feel free to start an online chat, and our support team will help you to purchase the service. Its price will depend on a template you choose.
Can you install a template on my localhost?
Sorry, that is not possible. We will be able to install a template only on a live server that matches the template requirements.
Can you install a template on my existing site with saving the content I have?
This installation service implies a "clean" installation of a template on a newly installed engine and the template's sample data import. If you need to install a theme on an existing site with saving previously added content, start an online chat. Our support team will help you to choose a proper service.
What does the price of the website install depend on?
The price for the website installation will depend on the type of CMS you’re using. For Magento 2 the cost is $50, and for other platforms - $30.

1 Reviews 5.0

  • WebDesign

    This guy is great to complete his task. My order is quickly completed before the due date.
    May 10 2020
  • Seller's Feedback

    Really appreciated your feedback and tips for your most generosityl

  • WebDesign

    This guy is great to complete his task. My order is quickly completed before the due date.
    May 10 2020
  • Seller's Feedback

    Really appreciated your feedback and tips for your most generosityl

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